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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where does my fueling report tell me how many gallons I have left?
A: At this time the fuel report does not tell you how many gallons you have left in your account. It will tell you how many gallons and dollars you have dispensed. The report will tell you how many dollars you have left in the account. To figure how many gallons you have remaining, simply divide your dollar amount by your last purchase price. 
Q: What if I have purchased fuel at more than one price?
A: A: Each time a deposit is made, your price per gallon will be updated to the current price. A book adjustment will be made to guarantee that you do not lose or gain gallons. This shows up as a price adjustment on your fuel report.

If you ever have a question about the price adjustment, please feel free to ask.

The following is an example of the price adjustment:


$142.90 Left on Account @ 1.429 100.0
$147.90 Purchased @1.479 100.0
+$5.00 Book Adjustment (Price increase .05)  
------------   ------------
$295.80 Total @ 1.479 200.0


$147.90 Left on Account @ 1.479 100.0
$142.90 Purchased @ 1.429 100.0
-$5.00 Book Adjustment (Price decrease .05)  
------------   ------------
$285.80 Total @ 1.429 200.0
Q: How does First Fuel Bank determine its posted prices?
A: The posted prices are based on the actual market. The market is continuously being monitored throughout the day and the staff at First Fuel Bank is updated with what is happening with the market and what may be expected. First Fuel Bank does not participate in local price wars; however, we do offer you a fair market price.


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