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Company History

The idea of a fully automated fueling site began in the mind of Denis Feneis. His sons, Jim and Dan Feneis, expanded this idea into a prepay, automated gas bank, with features that would allow consumers to prepay their fuel expense and lock into a set price. 

All this was only a dream until computer technology made this concept feasible. In April of 1982 Jim and Dan made this dream a reality when they built the innovative system of First Fuel Banks I at 625 SE Lincoln Avenue in St. Cloud, MN. This was the first fueling site of its kind in the world. Many others have tried to imitate, but none have been comparable. 

One year after First Fuel Banks I began operations, the second fuel bank was built on the north end of St. Cloud at 3110 North 7th Street. First Fuel Banks III was added on Division Street in June of 1986, First Fuel Banks IV was added on 15th & Division, Waite Park, in 1990, and First Fuel Banks V on 2nd St. S. at Miller Auto Plaza was added in the fall of 1999.



First Fuel Banks
Main Office: 625 SE Lincoln Avenue St. Cloud, MN 56304
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