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Prepaid Locked Account

Fast, friendly, efficient and accurate service - all for one low price. No service charge, no storage charge and your gallons are guaranteed. The only additional cost is a $1 lifetime membership fee, which includes your first card. Additional or replacement cards are only $2.50.

Accounts can be opened at the main office at 625 Lincoln Ave SE in St. Cloud. Terms are cash or check. (No credit cards or cash cards for prepaid fuel.)
Accounts are subject to First Fuel Bank's Fuel Card Agreement.

When market prices are changing you have the option to lock in a low price. Price locking means depositing money at a posted price and keeping that price as markets change. By watching market trends you can watch your savings grow. Click here to view past market prices. First Fuel Bank bases its posted price on the market. We do not and never will participate in price wars.

Buy your fuel in advance whether your needs are large or small. Although there is no minimum or maximum purchase amounts, First Fuel Bank does reserve the right to limit purchases in a market crises or federal allocation. There is absolutely no time limit in which the fuel must be used. (Please note Supply Limitation on agreement.)

Five fueling locations are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, conveniently located throughout the St. Cloud area.  A deposit drop off box is located at each location (not available at Miller Auto location) for quick, convenient purchasing. Deposits dropped off before 5:00 p.m. are credited that same day.

Only your fuel card and PIN together can activate a withdrawal of fuel from your account. Tighter security is available for fleet accounts such as limiting gallons per fill, fills per day, designating fuel type per vehicle, etc. Each account can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Daily printouts of all transactions are monitored by First Fuel Bank staff to detect pilferage attempts or any other problems. In the event we find discrepancies, you will be notified. Lost or stolen cards and codes can be locked out at your request.

We provide an online fuel report documenting all transactions such as fuelings, deposits and any other activity to the account. Also you have the option of entering an odometer reading which will then figure your miles per gallon. If you have questions regarding your fuel report, please contact us at 320-252-BANK (2265).
Click here to view a sample fuel report. 
Click here for commonly asked questions.

First Fuel Bank offers supply protection if shortages should occur again. Each purchase is recorded and in case of limitations, your gallons are guaranteed based on previous usage. Regular gas stations have no record of your purchases so you have no allocation. (Please note Supply Limitation on Agreement.)

To check your account balance at the pumps, press the help button when it asks for your PIN. This option will only work with the First Fuel Bank magstrip card. This feature can be locked out at your request.

1. Insert and remove card.
2. Type pin number. Press enter key.
3. Put in odometer reading (omit tenths). Press enter key.
4. Select pump number. Press enter key.
5. Wait for authorization. Begin fueling.
6. Re-insert card after fueling for receipt.


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